Our Wedding Date: January 2, 2015

The Purrrfect Union (Introduction)

Yeah, that's right. We started off with a pun. Because we're cats and we can do that. But no, really, we like SOOOOPERRR love each other. It's actually kind of weird. There's a really silly amount of cuddling that happens. But we're each so soft, that the other can't stay away, so you know, #duh.

Anyway, if this were a real wedding website, this is where you'd put your introductory note, and usually a Call to Action -- something like this:

Hey everyone! We're almost catatonically over the mewn about our upcoming wedding! You're most likely reading this because you got our Save the Dates and that's awesome! So while you wait for the real, live invitations, have a look around here. Check out the story of our engagment (it's really a-mew-sing!) browse through our photo cat-alog, get to know our cat pack (brideskittens and lionsmen) and see what there is to do around town while you're visiting for the festivities!